Dr Goodrow - #1 UV Grow Lights Kit For Indoor Gardening
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Dr Goodrow – #1 UV Grow Lights Kit For Indoor Gardening

$159.98 $119.99

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I don’t want old, dried out packaged herbs with the aromatics no longer fresh, with the flavor profiles and oils NO LONGER POTENT!

But I live in an apartment with no access to garden space. I had nowhere to plant seeds, nowhere to harvest buds that would taste great and enhance my home cooking.

As a matter of fact, my wife is Asian. When she was a kid, when her mother wanted to cook, they would send her out to the garden and the edges of the native jungle, and she’d come back with literally baskets overflowing with herbs that everyone in the family enjoyed!

Dr Goodrow – The Amazing Self-contained Hydroponic Herb Growing System That Makes Growing Tall, Green, Delicious Plants A No-Brainer!

Now there’s an affordable, easy to use, powerful system for growing any herb you want at home! easy, clean, and almost no work!

Taste the freshness in every bite with Dr Goodrow! Dr Goodrow is a cutting-edge self-growing garden for any home or apartment. It will literally grow almost any plant or herb you need!

Healthy Plants Spring Up Like Weeds!

Grow amazing, potent, super-fresh herbs, whether you live in apartment, condo, or house. Grow 100% safe, delicious organic herbs, salads, and flowering buds, free from GMOs and pesticides, fresher than any plants you’ll be able to buy anywhere.

Dr Goodrow has cutting edge technology like:

  • ✅ Automatic watering.
  • ✅ Strong, powerful UV grow-lights, like the power of the sun!
  • ✅ Accurately-measured nutrients for the healthiest plants!
  • ✅ 100% easy to do, with almost zero chance of failure!
  • ✅ Use commercial seeds or use the seeds from any plants you have at home!
  • ✅ Scientifically designed growth pods – to grow the plants of your choice!
This Is How Easy It Is To Grow Big, Beautiful Flowering Plants With Dr Goodrow!

I don’t have a green thumb. I live in an apartment with almost no natural sunlight. But Dr Goodrow made HYDROPONIC GROWING almost ridiculously simple!

I ordered online, and I got everything I needed in a nicely-designed, secure box.

Here’s what i got:

  • Planter Super Grow Base. It was sturdy and looked like it was ready for heavy-duty use!
  • Programmable command center. It will simulate any environment, to grow healthy, tall plants.
  • Superbud Nutrients. This is not ordinary “plant food”. It is a special blend of incredible nutrients that will have your plants BURSTING WITH FLAVOR WHEN RIPE!
  • 10x Growth Sponges – to absorb all the water and nutrients that make your herbs taste as good as can be!
  • 10x Super Growth Baskets to hold your new growths!
  • 10x Super Bud Domes – to tremendously speed up your plants’ growth!
The Dr Goodrow Hydroponic Garden Is A Self-contained Ecosystem Which Makes Growing Virtually Anything Fun And Easy!

Everything I needed to grow plants was in the box.

I set up my Dr Goodrow in my kitchen. It only took minutes to assemble and fill with water. There was a video I followed on my phone, and there was also a well-illustrated instruction manual. It was so simple I felt it was almost impossible to make a mistake.

Setup takes just minutes and you’ll be enjoying your fresh plants in no time!

My wife was excited too. She loved the idea of an indoor garden. It reminded her of happy summer days of her childhood.

She also told me that having beautiful green, live, growing plants in our house made her happy! It was hard to be depressed, when there were lush, beautiful green herbs and pods springing up like magic in the kitchen! Wow!

There are 10 grow pods included. You can take seeds from plants and herbs you have at home and start growing immediately!

Here are some of the plants we started to grow:

  • ? Parsley.
  • ? Sage.
  • ? Rosemary.
  • ? Fennel.
  • ? Thyme.
  • ? Cilantro (this is great when super fresh).
  • ? Tomatoes.
  • ? Rose Mallow (has gorgeous flowers).

Hundreds Of Others – Use Your Imagination

Every day, our family would watch as our seeds turned into sprouts, and then began to shoot up into full-fledged plants.

It was exciting to see the growing process in action! Knowing that I was growing these plants myself was very satisfying. Now I understand what people like about gardening!

How to use Dr Goodrow
  • ☑️ Step 1: Place seeds in growth sponges, place your sponges in the baskets, and drop them into the seed pods.
  • ☑️ Step 2: Add water and plant nutrients to the reservoir in base.
  • ☑️ Step 3: Plug into an electrical outlet and turn on.

Thanks to the adjustable lamp’s 72 red, white, and blue LEDs, my plants get a full solar spectrum of light. It doesn’t matter whether I put Dr Goodrow near a window or not.

  • Light can be raised or lowered as your plants grow.
  • Automatic timer turns light on for 16 hours a day and off for 8, recreating natural growing conditions.
  • The first and last two hours of light are dimmer, simulating sunrise and sunset.

The absolute best part? There’s no dirt. After you put your seeds into the grow pods, you’re done. Dr Goodrow does the rest. And it’s compact enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home—though if you’re like me you will definitely want more than one!

No matter how small your apartment, you will feel like you’re living in a lush rainforest!

You can put it anywhere; on your desk, in the kitchen, even places where there is no natural light. And because plants create oxygen, it will make the air around them healthier and more invigorating.

Dr Goodrow Literally Changed My Life!

It’s a fantastic, healthy hobby!

It makes the whole house cheerful and bright!

It makes the house smell great, and releases oxygen into the air!

You get your favorite herbs, buds, and aromatics practically for free!!

You plant seeds, and the active grow system takes care of itself!

Your potent buds practically grow by themselves!

It’s really amazing! Night and day, your Dr Goodrow cycles on and off, bathing your precious plants in specially-balanced light, and nutrient-laden water. You can track the growth almost every day, and WHEN YOU HARVEST… WOW!

IT IS SO COOL!! When my friends saw it, they wanted one too. I even order a couple more. I wanted them in every room, and I was able to harvest even more herbs!!

Dr Goodrow can grow practically anything!

Start Growing Your Own Herbs And Vegetables Now!

The sooner you order, the sooner you can start the easy process of growing plants using Dr Goodrow.

I was one of the lucky ones. When I ordered mine, there were lots in stock. But that was a couple of months ago, and since then, every day more people have been discovering Dr Goodrow. With high demand and low supplies, get to the official website and place your order while you still can!


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