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Invisible Hearing Aid


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“Amazing, saved my job and saved me thousands!”

“I was almost laid off from my job because I had difficulty hearing. I immediately started looking for an affordable solution and found HearGenie. I’m still amazed at how well they work. I’m now able to communicate 10x better at my job and with family and friends. A true lifesaver.”

– Joyce Reed


57 out of 60 people surveyed saw a dramatic increase in their ability to hear after using HearGenie.

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to not be able to hear the world around you. Most hearing aids are bulky and can cost thousands of dollars.

HearGenie hearing aids amplify sound, are nearly invisible to the naked eye and extremely affordable.


nearly invisible hearing aid

Do you…

  • Have a hard time hearing the TV or music?
  • Find it difficult to hear people during conversations?
  • Struggle hearing friends and family?

The HearGenie hearing aids are made for those with mild to severe hearing loss. These devices were made to be worn all through out the day so they sit comfortable in your ears.

Here’s what HearGenie can do:

  • Smart Noise Reduction. Pre-programmed to automatically isolate sounds during conversations, listening to music and TV
  • Discreet. These are nearly invisible and fit right inside your ear canal. People won’t notice they’re even there.
  • One Size Fits All. No need to custom fit. The included rubber tips mold comfortably to any ear.
  • Affordable. Conventional hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars (up to $5,000+). We’ve made our devices extremely affordable.
  • Very Powerful. Amplify the sound around you and easily adjust the volume.
  • Durable. Made with silicone so they form to your ears, very flexible.

 See how HearGenie is changing lives…

Robert Langer This is my very first day wearing these hearing aids. I am most certainly surprised at the clarity. I keep my TV very high and now I’m able to keep it at a 12 from a 19. So far so good.

Laura Barth These hearing aids are amazing. I have other hearing aids that fit behind the ear and cost much more. I find those very bothersome. The HearGenie fits snugly within the ear and they work GREAT. This is a great value!

Donald Eddings I waited a few just to make this comment to make sure they worked for me. I’ve had my pair from HearGenie for a couple months now, they are awesome and I have used them every day. Not a single problem yet and I’m able to hear more.

Douglas McGee Just got mine in the mail. HearGenie’s hearing aids work just as good as the hearing aids I paid a few grand for. I’ve already recommended these to all my close friends.

Each device includes:

  • 1 Protective Carry Case
  • 1 A10 Battery
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 3 Ear Domes (small, medium, large)
  • 1 User Manual & Instructions
  • 12 months repairs & replacement warranty
  • 90 day risk-free money back guarantee

It’s finally time to reclaim your hearing using the latest hearing technology. 


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