(LARGE) Shoulder T-Shellz Wrap - Use on Either The Left or Right Shoulder!
$265.33 $199.00
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(LARGE) Shoulder T-Shellz Wrap – Use on Either The Left or Right Shoulder!

$265.33 $199.00

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The Many Advantages of Increasing Circulation to Tissues

According to the trusted medical knowledge of Justus F. Lehmann, M.D.  increasing the temperature of soft tissue (resulting in increased circulation) will provide these 7 Truly Amazing Benefits:

1. Increase The Flexibility of Tissue

Warming up tissue before stretching (exercise at home or in a physical therapy clinic) can provide on-going flexibility in your tissue that will continue after the stretch is done. Experiments conducted by medical professionals have shown that increasing circulation to tissues before stretching or range-of-motion exercises can provide lingering flexibility.

2. Decrease Joint Stiffness

Medical studies have shown a decrease in joint stiffness after the temperature of tissue is increased – compared to the stiffness experienced at a much lower, normal, body temperature.

3. Relieve Muscle Spasms

Tissue and muscles that have been over-strained or injured can suffer from continuous squeezing in the muscle fibers. This is also known as a muscle spasm or trigger point pain. On-going muscle spasms will decrease blood flow and increase your nerves’ sensitivity to pain.

It has been believed for a long time by many medical professionals that increasing tissue temperature and circulation can reduce pain resulting from muscle spasms.

4.Control and Reduce Pain

You could be feeling pain from muscle spasms, lack of blood flow to your soft tissue, tight muscles or tissues, and even stress placed on your body. Pain relief can be experienced by inducing increased circulation – as increasing the temperature of the tissues will help them feel more relaxed and less constricted.

5.Increase Blood Flow

When applying energy to increase circulation, the intention is to produce an increased level of blood flow to the targeted tissues. This can result in more nutrients and oxygen reaching those injured tissues through transportation through the blood stream.

6. Relieve On-going Inflammation

While icing a fresh injury during the first 48 hours (minimum) is recommended, another approach beyond that time is to use vasodilation inducing energy to open up the vessels so the body can flush the injured area of the excess fluid and cellular waste.

7. Intended to Alleviate Pain Associated With Soft Tissue Damage

Applying energy to increase circulation is recognized by many for its role with intending to help soft tissue injuries by promoting both relief in chronic injuries and for newer (acute) injuries as well.

Incredible Therapy and Comfort – All Wrapped Up In One Device

The unique Shoulder T-Shellz Wrap is designed with every detail in mind to give you the most effective and most enjoyable therapeutic experience available anywhere. Here’s why!

  • Plugs into a wall outlet using an AC/DC adapter to get the necessary power for consistent therapeutic treatments.
  • Has a special signal controller that can be set for 3 different power levels of application (3 = High, 2 = Medium, 1 = Low) with an automatic 30 minute shut off feature.
  • Has a flexible Energy Pad made from a strong, yet flexible carbon fiber material that conforms easily to your body..
  • Has a 7 foot long cord so you can sit or lie comfortably and watch TV, read or surf the net while you’re using it.
  • Operates with no sound or vibration or motion.
  • Doesn’t require the use of creams or gels.
  • Wear the T-Shellz Wrap loosely for easy re-positioning over the treatment area.
  • Has adjustable Velcro straps for a fit that you control to your personal level of comfort.
  • Ability to place the wrap over your clothes for a more comfortable treatment.
  • Uses a soft, breathable material with comfort in mind.
  • Is made of a premium grade neoprene that will retain it’s shape over time.



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