Spine Collar Brace for Stenosis & Neck Pain
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Spine Collar Brace for Stenosis & Neck Pain

$133.32 $99.99

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Cervical Neck & Spine Brace:

Cervical neck injuries come in a variety of shapes and sizes but all can be very painful and debilitating. Thankfully, this neck immobilizer is made to treat a majority of neck problems. This neck protector works to limit flexion, extension, and rotation of the c-spine region.

The brace is unique because of its completely adjustable spine immobilization system made for each person’s individual needs. The neck brace features an aluminum two piece system that encourages airflow and increases patient comfort. The pieces include a black “Y” chin portion, and a black upside down “U” piece. The neck holder has these adjustable pieces to provide the perfect customized fit. Another great characteristic of this brace is the quick adjusting straps and stops. These ensure the device is reapplied the same every time. This is important not only because it’s convenient for the patient, but guarantees the same reoccurring immobilization of the cervical neck. In addition, the brace comes with one set of extra pads and a tool to help adjust the fit of the “U” piece.

What Injuries does this Cervical Brace Treat?

This neck holder offers the cervical spine extremely targeted forms of treatment. This means that it can help assist in pain relief and healing for a variety of conditions. These include:

Whiplash: Whiplash is most commonly caused by car accidents. It occurs when the vehicle that the person is driving or riding in is hit from behind by another vehicle. The impact from behind can cause your head and neck to hyperextend as the seat pushes the driver or passenger forward. This causes the unrestrained head or neck to fall backward which, after a short delay, are then thrown into a hyperflexed position.

A person can also get whiplash from impact sports, biking accidents, and slips or falls. The symptoms of whiplash commonly include neck pain and stiffness, shoulder pain, jaw pain, and even visual disturbances. Doctors commonly prescribe wearing a neck brace to treat whiplash to stabilize and immobilize the injured area, making this cervical brace a fantastic treatment option!

Chronic & Acute Neck Pain: Acute and chronic neck pain differ based on the length of time a person has been experiencing a problem. Acute neck pain falls under the category of less than 3 months. Most often this type of neck pain is stemmed from things like a cervical strain or other soft tissue sprains (meaning strain of ligaments or tendons). A person could even experience acute to chronic neck pain from something as simple as sleeping in an incorrect position, this is called stiff neck. Wearing a brace to help treat neck pain caused by situations like this is a very effective and quick way to get rid of the problem!

Cervical Spinal Stenosis: Spinal stenosis is used to refer to the narrowing of a body channel occupied by the spinal nerves. This is most commonly a degenerative disease that happens when people age. However, some people are born with the condition. The condition isn’t curable, but bracing is an amazing way to have pain relief from the condition. This cervical orthosis brace is a great form of treatment for spinal stenosis because it immobilizes the cervical region to prevent movement and the development of further issues.

Can this Neck Brace Help with Cervical Kyphosis or Lordosis?

Kyphosis and lordosis are both curvatures of the spine that go in different directions. Kyphosis being the “C” curvature and lordosis being the opposite. This brace is an option to help treat cervical conditions of kyphosis and lordosis. However, kyphosis is most common in the thoracic spine – so if you have an abnormal spinal curve disorder affecting your thoracic, lumbar or sacral region that you should probably consider a full back TLSO brace, or a kyphosis treatment brace that supports your entire spine. TLSO braces can be used to treat Scheuermann’s Disease scheuermann’s disease, hunchback, swayback, lordosis, lumbar kyphosis and thoracic kyphosis.



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