The Pleasent Garden Gnome
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The Pleasent Garden Gnome

$66.60 $49.95

Gnome With Hoop
Gnome With Hoop
Gnome With Magic Orb
Gnome With Magic Orb
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This is Gorm, he’s looking for his forever garden to be in.

Gorm has been looking far and wide for a suitable home, but had no luck. Could you be his rightful owner?

He’s a friendly garden gnome who’s looking for a home where he can stand proud and brighten up a garden with his magical light plant.

But don’t worry, if you don’t want him to brighten up your garden for a night, you can simply tell him kindly not to do so (by pressing his on/off button).


Things to know about Gorm before adopting him:

  • Gorm is 10.7″ tall.
  • Gorms plant uses the power of sunlight to store energy (Solar Panel), so he prefers to stand where theres a little daylight.
  • Gorm doesn’t mind the rain at all, it bounces right off him and his plant.
  • Gorm is a magical gnome, this means his colors won’t fade in the sunlight.
  • Lastly, Gorm really, REALLY likes his plant, so there’s little chance he’s ever going to let go of it. The two are simply stuck together.

We can assure you that Gorm will be a perfect addition to your home! He’s silent, cute and would never hurt a fly!
He might even be willing to change his name, but you’d have to ask him nicely first.

If you feel like Gorm would be a nice addition to your home and joining other potential garden gnomes, then Click “Get Mine Now” and we’ll prepare Gorm for his trip to your doorstep as fast as we can!


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